Scoping and proofreading services available in Case Catalyst 4 and Total Eclipse.

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Working for officials and freelance court reporters around the country since 1994


You are invited to join us at the Scopists Support Group where you can meet up with lots of other scopists, transcriptionists, and proofreaders.   Court reporters and CR students are also most welcome!   We share information and work leads, and we are there to cheer for your successes, give you support when you need it, and provide company when you feel isolated working from home.

Whether you're a new scopist or a veteran, the Scoping FAQ section might address just the question you've been wondering about.   Want to find who uses what software?   Click here for a listing of scopists, proofreaders, and transcriptionists and what system(s) they use.

Be sure to visit, a website loaded with reference links, training and marketing resources, humor, recipes, shopping, and many other things for your professional and personal development. Stop by and see what's new!

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